NASP (National Aviation Security Program)

AVIATION SECURITY : NASP (National Aviation Security Program)

Security measures at Brucargo

Brussels Airport

In 2003, within the framework of worldwide prevention agains terrorism, the Directorate General of Aviation has imposed a number of security measures related to the export by airfreight.

Shippers are divided in two groups : Known Consignors and Unknown Consignors.

Shipments of Unknown Consignors are subject to a physical check or even quarantine.

This physical check may be manual or by X-ray, etc… . Charges will be billed to the shipper who will waste time and money.

By taking a few rules into account, loyal clients can have themselves registered as Known Consignors. Gondrand can offer you this facility because we are licensed Regular Agents. This will help you to avoid a physical check of your goods and you can save time and money.

Don’t hesitate to ask our export department for relevant documents. Our airfreight security consultant, the whole export team and the warehouse staff have enjoyed a specific training. Should you need more information regaring to packing, presentation of cargo, etc., please contact our export department.